My life doesn't slow down

15th post

And so, I close my blogging for the time being. I wrote my blogs, did my papers at the last minute like any procrastinator should.
And now a new adventure shall begin. An adventure of selling computers at Best Buy while freaking people out with magic and wonder.
This Summer is going to be hella amazing and I will post videos of my shananagins for all to see.
Farewell for now my 5 followers, you are amazing people.
So here is a kittyImage

Being Weird Is the Only Way I Cope

The most recurring thought that pops in my head, is setting up a random illusion for everybody to witness. But have it make no sense, and happen for no reason at all.
For instance, during a meeting at my Fraternity, I want to set up a trick that has me randomly break out into a seizure, start floating up into middle of the room while the lights flash on and off, and have everyone freak the hell out while I look like I’m being possessed by a demon or some shit like that.
Then have the lights go out for a second and be back in my seat pretending like nothing happened..
And why did I do it?
For no damn reason at all.Image 

So Meow

You know what would be cool?
Learning to dance fight. God that would be totally stellar (I did just use that word).
I don’t know if everyone has seen that dancing styling that looks like two people fighting eachother, but the though of one messup would lead to a roundhouse to the face make me smile.
I would totally learn how to do that, in fact…I should probably check around Springfield to see if anyone offers classes for that..And If they don’t.. Learn from Youtube, then teach the classes myself.

4 more to go

I’m blogging abot having to blog these 9 blogs before 12:30.
It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I’m here, lying in bed, rambling about whatever the hell I want. It’s pretty nooiice.
But aside from the fact I’m sick, I have to go work at Subway for the last time today, then move out of there. So tonight is going to take awhile.
But hey, now that college is over, I can actually blog for fun. Which I couldn’t just done during the semester for the class. But I didn’t have time for that.
Aint nobody had time for that.Image


For some damn reason, I love magic. 
I love to practice magic and blow the hell out of my spectators mind when I master it.
One of my favorite tricks is the ability to levitate an object. 
Example why this is my favorite, 
— I walk into a Dollar General store and see a total stoner stoking the shelfs—
—I walk over, talk to him a bit, and then get really excited about how I just learned how to move small objects with my mind…—-
The stoner says, ” Nu uh… move this rubber ball.”
I do a little hocus pocus and prep the rubber ball right in front of him. “Watch this” I say.
—-I start to concentrate so hard and make disgruntled noises in concentration—
 —-The ball starts spinning and that stoner started to flip the hell out right there.—
I honestly think he screamed at the top of his lungs… I never told him how I did it, and he continues to tell everyone that I’m psychic capable of extraordinary powers..
…..God I love magic.Image

Best Buy Expectations.

So I was hired at Best Buy and I’m totally effing stoked to be a computer salesman there. 
I don’t know as much as I want to know about computers, but damn do I think I have the confidence to sell them.
In the last 2 months of school, I got back into magic as a hobby. And I’m about 100% sure I’m going to jack with customers using magic, in a fun creative (they’re going to love it) way.
I plan on getting so amazing at magic that I can make a freggin dove fly out of the computer monitor I’ll be selling.
They probably wouldn’t buy it because of birds flying out of it, but damn am I excitedImage

Getting sick during finals week

For some damn reason, I am on the verge of death during finals week. Why?
WHO THE HELL KNOWS. Because I usually don’t get sick… 
And honestly, I’m not that stressed. I feel pretty good about summer and working at Best Buy.
But my body is like, “So andy, I know you have alot of work to do, plus work at your job all week, so I’ve decided to just let you get sick as hell.”
I feel like i’ve coughed up most of my lungs.
Luckily my girlfiend is catering to my every whim in an amazing fashion and now I’m spoiled. 
Thank God it’s almost over.Image

Injustice, Gods Among Us.

So I bought this video game like a good 2 weeks ago. Played it. Beat it. The game features a good majority of DC characters from the comic books and pits them against each-other in a Mortal Kombat fashion.
Not gunna lie here though, you can pit Batman and Superman against each-other and have Batman beat the shit out of Superman…
That just doesn’t happen.
The game is alright, not a good 60$ worth. But it’s the only game the girlfriend actually enjoys playing with me.
Therefore, I can’t sell it back for Bioshock Infinite..

Potters House

So don’t mind the next 9 blogs i’ll be dishing out in the next hour. They won’t be that entertaining nor too interesting. Mandatory writing for an English Class.
So I found this place beside Missouri State University Campus called Potters House. It’s a Christian non profit coffee house that councils students or whoever in the name of Christ. Pretty badass. They make some of the most delicious shakes and have some of the nicest people there. If you haven’t checked it out yet.
You should.


Cuddling has got to be the greatest form of human intimacy aside from sex. It might just be me, but when I cuddle with someone I like it just releases that little pressure that resides in the middle of my chest. It’s gotta be one of the most relaxing things to do, aside from getting my back scratched. Which is AMAZING. 
If someone didn’t want a relationship, I feel like they could survive that hunger of intimacy by cuddling with close friends. Which honestly isn’t as easy as some people think. With cuddling comes complication/friendzones/feelz. Ultimately leading to something most of the time.
But there’s always a good time to be had with snuggling.Image