One always writes comedy at the moment of deepest hysteria. ~V. S. Naipaul

by andrewtbarrett

Lately, I’ve been in a dream like trance of mediocrity. I look back at my life and realize, “wow, I was quite over-joyously happy when I was coming out of my toddler years.” Then I think, wait…Was I?
Of course I was, being oblivious is possibly the greatest reality one can live in. But I have an inquisitive nature that doesn’t stop questioning itself, and
I think it’s a problem.
Anyways, something I came to conclude long ago but resurfaced today was how much I enjoy comedy. That’s all I freggin watch nowadays along with horror movies. (Hell yes)
Comedy is more of a blessing than anything else. If I couldn’t laugh at something, mostly myself, then I would be a sheer tragedy.
Life shouldn’t be this serious.
I implore society to be more comedic in their everyday lives… That way, we’ll always have something to laugh at.