What Makes a Good Person?

by andrewtbarrett

What makes someone a “good person”?
I like to think of it as someone who does what his/her heart tells them to do. Always doing the greater good. 
What defines greater good though?… First thought that pops in my head is the Bible. Or is this question answered by culture?…
Probably culture..
If I do do an act, that someone I think highly of approves, did I do right? Probably definitely depends.
Everything depends on something…
I’m not asking for an obvious answer here though.. Because if legitimate advice depends, then what use is general advice for other than a foundation for how to start resolving problems.. Is that what I’m looking for? 
Yeah…Probably just a foundation..
Fuck foundations, I like my life to be complex and overly convoluted. If I didn’t ask myself these questions I wouldn’t be me now would I?

Life is meant to be a giant clusterfuck of… “Hmmm, that wasn’t smart.. Oh! That was worth it!…Was that the right thing to do?…”
I’m alone with my thoughts, and I always will be. Always drowning in advice that I’ll never take but always enjoy to hear.