My life doesn't slow down

Month: March, 2013


Cuddling has got to be the greatest form of human intimacy aside from sex. It might just be me, but when I cuddle with someone I like it just releases that little pressure that resides in the middle of my chest. It’s gotta be one of the most relaxing things to do, aside from getting my back scratched. Which is AMAZING. 
If someone didn’t want a relationship, I feel like they could survive that hunger of intimacy by cuddling with close friends. Which honestly isn’t as easy as some people think. With cuddling comes complication/friendzones/feelz. Ultimately leading to something most of the time.
But there’s always a good time to be had with snuggling.Image



So something that makes me feel real is when I help someone. Doing something genuine. The act really helps me feel like I have a purpose on this planet. 
One factor I lack is motivation though, I have motivation if presented the opportunity to help someone, but I don’t ever help myself if given the opportunity. 
In general, I have a serious problem with the process of starting something. I honestly just blow at the initiation of anything productive. It really freggin sucks.
Ex: Gotta do some laundry? Alright, lets gather up the clothes and hey, I should probably eat before I start my laundry. Yeah! I’m gonna go get something to eat…*yawn* actually…I think I’m gonna take a nap…
Then I proceed to take the nap.
I’m not quite sure what I would call that. But it’s exactly how I function. And naps are a majority of my time.
Anyways, I really would like to see myself pick up on some type of persistent motivation. Rather than my last minute procrastination last minute efforts…
Because if I keep it up, I won’t be very successful in life.
Whaddyuh doin Andy, Get yo shit together!Image