by andrewtbarrett

So something that makes me feel real is when I help someone. Doing something genuine. The act really helps me feel like I have a purpose on this planet. 
One factor I lack is motivation though, I have motivation if presented the opportunity to help someone, but I don’t ever help myself if given the opportunity. 
In general, I have a serious problem with the process of starting something. I honestly just blow at the initiation of anything productive. It really freggin sucks.
Ex: Gotta do some laundry? Alright, lets gather up the clothes and hey, I should probably eat before I start my laundry. Yeah! I’m gonna go get something to eat…*yawn* actually…I think I’m gonna take a nap…
Then I proceed to take the nap.
I’m not quite sure what I would call that. But it’s exactly how I function. And naps are a majority of my time.
Anyways, I really would like to see myself pick up on some type of persistent motivation. Rather than my last minute procrastination last minute efforts…
Because if I keep it up, I won’t be very successful in life.
Whaddyuh doin Andy, Get yo shit together!Image