by andrewtbarrett

For some damn reason, I love magic. 
I love to practice magic and blow the hell out of my spectators mind when I master it.
One of my favorite tricks is the ability to levitate an object. 
Example why this is my favorite, 
— I walk into a Dollar General store and see a total stoner stoking the shelfs—
—I walk over, talk to him a bit, and then get really excited about how I just learned how to move small objects with my mind…—-
The stoner says, ” Nu uh… move this rubber ball.”
I do a little hocus pocus and prep the rubber ball right in front of him. “Watch this” I say.
—-I start to concentrate so hard and make disgruntled noises in concentration—
 —-The ball starts spinning and that stoner started to flip the hell out right there.—
I honestly think he screamed at the top of his lungs… I never told him how I did it, and he continues to tell everyone that I’m psychic capable of extraordinary powers..
…..God I love magic.Image